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    Electronic ear tag reader JY-L8600

    文章出处:健永科技 人气:46 服务热线:020-29864643

    KEZLIY(科智立) JY-L8600 Series is a panel type electronic animal tag identification reader based on radio frequency identification (RFID) technology,Integrate controller, amplifier and antenna, stable and durable.

    The working frequency supports 134.2KHZ, conforms to the ISO11784/5 international standard, supports the reading of electronic tags in two protocol formats, FDX-B and EMID, with strong compatibility. The internal radio frequency part of the communication protocol is integrated, which can be connected to PC/PLC/SCM. The user only needs to receive the electronic animal tag data through the RS232/RS485 communication interface, without understanding the complicated communication protocol. Users who need to customize the communication method or network use can choose the MODBUS RTU bus protocol. 

    Electronic ear tag reader JY-L8600

    Built-in 32-level automatic tuning circuit,the automatic tuning function when the power is turned on simplifies the initial installation process and ensures that the optimal distance can be automatically adjusted for continuous operation under various conditions;Under constantly changing environmental conditions, the automatic adjustment function makes installation easy and optimal performance.

    Anti-surge protection and overvoltage self-power-off protection function, protection grade IP67, dustproof, waterproof and shockproof, sturdy and durable, and can work stably even in harsh environments. Simultaneous use of multiple card readers nearby can also ensure stable operation without interference, and has the characteristics of high receiving sensitivity, stable performance, and strong reliability. 

    It is widely used in the fields of pig, cattle, sheep and fish animal identification, automatic feeding equipment, intelligent channel inventory, access control system, industrial automation and other fields.

    Performance index:

    ◆ Operating Voltage:9-28V

    ◆ Power:≤1.5 W

    ◆ Circuit protection: with polarity protection and overvoltage protection(MAX 60V)

    ◆ Working frequency:134.2kHz

    ◆ Maximum recognition distance:45cm

    ◆ Support tag type:FDX-B、EMID

    ◆ Communication Interface:RS232 / RS485

    ◆ Working humidity:10%-90% RH (No condensation) 

    ◆ Operating temperature:-25 ℃ - +70 ℃

    ◆ Protection level:IP67

    ◆ Shell material:ABS+Epoxy resin

    ◆ Physical dimension:226*226*35.5mm

    ◆ Installation method:M4 Screw,4 mounting holes

    Signal Indication

    RED LED:Power indicator

    GREEN LED:Tag detect indicator

    Reader work process:

    When power on the Reader, red LED is light,and reader enter the automatic tuning state and tune its own parameters according to the runtime environment.

    When the reader detects a tag successful decoding, the green LED lights up. At the same time, the data is transmitted to the receiver through the RS232/RS485 interface.(MODBUS RTU Protocol, the factory default is master-slave mode, if you need to read data, the host needs to send a command to read.)

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